“We’re passionate about perfection”

Our team of fully licensed and insured artisans has over twenty five years experience in the Design and Build industry. This assures that your space will be meticulously transformed to cohere precisely with the vision you have articulated with our designers and project managers.

BuySmart Home Renovation Program

Move into your Dream Home, not just a house. BuySmart is TCI’s Home renovation before move in program. Renovation is whole house improvement before move in. Renovation increases the value of the purchased property, eliminates future repairs, improves obsolete floor plans, and removes remodel headaches. Best of all, it’s all wrapped in one monthly mortgage payment.


SellSmart Home Sales Program

SellSmart Improves Your Home’s Marketability At No Additional Cost To You. SellSmart markets your property “as is” and also with a full renovation package. It’s simple: We design buyer required improvements. An appraiser determines the new value for the property which then creates 2 listing prices for 2 different types of buyers.

TCI SellSmart Program Includes:
• Inspection
• Design & Marketing
• Renovation Package
• Budgets & Appraisal
• Financing approval


TCI Design Build

If you are looking to build your custom luxury waterfront estate, your new beach bungalow or renovate an existing property the TCI Design Build team has the experience and skill to make your project a reality. Every step of the way, our team of designers, architects, and contractors are prepared to provide unparalleled custom construction, design and renovation services.

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TCI Design Realty

Design Realty is the future of Real Estate. The advantages gained by using a Design Realtor over a standard realtor are many. We like to say that you can now have an HGTV like experience right here in Jacksonville. Features include:

•Experts in design and/or architecture
•Ability to transform a space both mentally and digitally
•Experienced in Renovation Loan Programs
•Utilizes a in-house team approach when dealing with Renovations
•Has access to pre-MLS and fixer upper specials

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Professional interior and exterior painting powerfully transforms the look and feel of your home with fresh, beautiful color. Your space feels cleaner, livelier, and more welcoming. The TCI Painting Division treats your home with care, providing exceptional levels of craftsmanship and service with decades of experience you can trust.


Hiring an all-in-one team means that there’ll never be a disconnect, from drawings to 3D renderings to grout and tile work, our crew will operate in lockstep with an understanding and confidence in each team members ability to carry the plan forward.

Handyman Services

TCI’s handyman services are designed to help TCI’s client base tackle the issues of home ownership maintenance and small updates all with the security of knowing you have TCI standing behind you to ensure the job is done quickly and correctly.


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